Lake Michigan (45), 2014

"                    " (46), 2014

"                    " (47), 2014


Orlando,  2012

Orlando,  2012

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Lake Michigan (44) book

12 page 
3” x 4” Black and White 
full bleed images 
hand bound saddle stitch binding 
grey card stock cover

small collection of flatbed scans of an inkjet print of an original photograph of Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan (44) Scan 24” x 32”  tiled poster

black and white 
printed on grey 110lb card stock

Image is composed of twelve 8”x8” sections


this image was created using a flatbed scanner to manipulate an original photograph of Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan (36) three times, 2014

Daniel Shea (class of 2013)

Matt Brett (class of 2014)

Matthew Metzger (faculty)

David Bodhi Boylan (class of 2014)

For those of you not following me on other social media I am happy to announce that I am begining the MFA program at University of Illinois at Chicago (right now, this morning, today).

I am so excited to be part of the incredible history of this program and to follow so many artists I admire. Above are just a few of some of the great artists linked to UIC. 

I’ll be posting pretty regularly to this tumblr with new photographs and shots of works in progress and experiments from my studio. 

Thank you for all the support that got me to this point and to all it will take to survive.

Stay tuned. 

Lake Michigan (Text#1), 2014

Lake Michigan (Text#1), 2014